The Blood King

Book Covers, Fantasy
#art, #BookCover, #Illustration, #Portfolio, fantasy, LAWRENCEcanDRAW

This is the prequel for Keith Ward’s ’99 Days’ and thus had an entirely different marketing strategy and required a different feel. While 99 Days had a dark cover I wanted to juxtapose this as the prequel with a lighter cover, something that could have been considered hard given the title. Again I get to paint blood which is always a lot of fun doing something so detailed, viscous and semi-transparent. I also made sure to add jewelry as well as a detailed crown as I do in many of my pieces. I could have taken this further but I didn’t want to break up the silhouette when the cover appears as a thumbnail. Though, when seen at full size the detail appears and keeps readers & viewers engaged which should prove useful for Keith when he uses this illustration for his exhibition stand.




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