On my YouTube channel I review and use many great pieces of tech which are really useful for artists and creatives. I put links in the video descriptions but I thought this page might be a useful addition to that resource so you can easily find the tech’ you’ve seen me showcase. As well it gives me a chance to give you links to a few other gadgets, gizmos and other great pieces of tech for creatives that might also be of amazing use. I won’t recommend anything hear that haven’t tried myself or am not willing to lay down the money to try! Good luck and happy shopping!

ICONS tablet 150x150 - Tools of the trade


I’ve used drawing tablet’s since the mid 90’s & I have to say they are a must for any digital artist. Having used Wacom for most of that time I’m more than happy to fully support the brand of course (and even answer your questions on YouTube or Twitter). There are other brands out there of course and if I try anything that is good enough I’ll post it here!.

ICONS ergotron 150x150 - Tools of the trade


Currently I have four Ergotron arms set up in my art studio (I hope there isn’t some kind of Terminator uprising in there otherwise I’ll get crushed like a bug!). The Ergotron arms are a great way of lifting my tablets and screens up to the right eye level no matter if I’m sitting or standing (or slouching). Try one yourself and your posture will be dramatically improved. Also, keep an eye on my YouTube channel for detailed installation instructions on all arms!

ICONS backup 150x150 - Tools of the trade


Being a Drobo Explorer Influencer & Brand Ambassador I am of course going to recommend Drobo for their awesome storage solution! Why? Because I did about six months of exhaustive research and came to the realisation that they alone offered the ideal method of backing up keeping my data safe!