99 Days to go

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99 Days to go

After a great ‘first contact’ with author Keith Ward, he posted a very promising blog post. I’ve now worked with Keith on three covers. You can check those out in my Portfolio. Keith has been great to work with and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Fantasy Book Covers: Rejecting Mediocrity

This morning I hired an illustrator for my forthcoming fantasy novel. His name’s Lawrence Mann, and he’s the best I’ve seen out there for fantasy books.

Yes, I could have paid $50 for a templated cover that looks like the covers everyone else is doing. I could’ve used clip art and generic images of castles and dragons, and laid it all out in Microsoft Word for even less. I could’ve paid a book cover mill to whip me up something in a day.

I didn’t. I paid (no small amount) for a great cover from a great artist; someone who specializes in fantasy. And it will be worth every last penny. A ton of effort went into my book, titled “99 Days.” I did my very best, and that includes a thorough edit, and feedback from people outside my family. Because of all this work, I just couldn’t slap a “been there, done that” cover on it. I want it to stand out; I want it to scream “This is a fantastic book, and you have to buy it and read it immediately!!” (two exclamation points.) I want it to be as good as — or better than — any cover you see at Barnes & Noble or your favorite local bookstore. Or when you look it up on Amazon.

Certainly, some of it relates to a book’s sellability. It’s a critical factor for a book, especially for an unknown author (raises hand). But it’s also much more than that: I put all of my heart into this. I can’t just settle for a “me too” cover. Mediocrity, I believe, is the default expectation for self-published books; this extends to authors as well as to readers. I can’t go there.

So keep an eye out for the cover, then the book. Details to come…