The Surface Studio is looking good

Surface Studio - The Surface Studio is looking good

The Surface Studio is looking good

Microsoft has released it’s new Surface Studio. This looks amazing! My friends at Sketchable went up to New York, New York to showcase their app.

I’ve worked closely with team over the last few years. I even created the Sketchables logo and helped create the UI. It’s nice to see my art being right there on the Microsoft Surface Studio in all of it’s glory. This piece was created on the Surface Book but I can’t wait to see what I’m cable of coming u with on the top-of-the range Surface Studio.

I think the Surface Dial looks great. Very ‘science fiction’. It reminds me (in sorts) of the Wacom Remote. Obviously I’m guessing that this is a more intuitive device. I’d need to test it out to know how useful it is in a real-world scenario.