Copyright © Lawrence Mann. (Bloodlina) The Viking NFT Sword Series. Digital NFT collection images created in Photoshop & Corel Painter.
An exclusive series of NFTs created originally as part of the promotions for the Bloodlina stage show in Edinburgh. The Designs were meticulously researched and created to ensure that they are historically accurate. Then, a number of variations for each part of the sword - Blade, guard, grip, pommel etc were illustrated. You can see that each sword has a unique Viking name (lower right). This name is made up with a combination of all of it's unique part names, so that no sword has the same name. Just as no sword has the same design!
The NFTs themselves were created and sold at 15472 × 7169 pixels to keep. Quite a bit larger than most others on the market. Signed prints were available at the time of the show.