Hi there,
I am based in Britain's northern city of Leeds. I am immediately available for Digital Art, Consultation and various kinds of creative work. Please send me a message if you’d like to talk about the upcoming challenge you have for me and I’ll get back to you quickly. If you could help speed up the process by adding a few of these simple details then I can give you a much fuller response.
• Outline your project in as much detail as possible
• Let me know where you’re based (Country, City, Time zone etc)
• Feel free to upload any required reference images to your Dropbox / OneDrive / iCloud etc and add a link to your message 
• Budget (If you have one).

I am happy to respond via email, messenger or even video chat if you have a preference. I consider all conversations to be non-disclosure out of courtesy yet am more than happy to sign a simple NDA should your project require that.
Thanks a lot. I’m sure we’ll make a great team!
Thanks for your message! We'll chat soon - If you want to chase me down in the meantime I'm always around on LinkedIn or one of many other social media sites ;)
I’m more than happy to help and it’s great to meet you! If you have a question about one of my YouTube videos, the best way to get your answer is to post a comment on my video, message me via YouTube or Tweet me at @LAWRENCEcanDRAW – that way everyone benefits from your question and you might also get great answers from the community!
I’m more than happy to consider interviews and appearances as well as speaking to artists & groups. I’m more than happy to test new tech’ and offer feedback and write articles too. I’m based in the UK but can be available via Skype, Zoom or even hang out out with you for the day - Just say the word ;D