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Want to talk about a commission?

Hi there,

I am based in Leeds in the UK and am available for Freelance Digital Art & Illustration projects. Send me a message if you’d like to talk about an upcoming project and I’ll get back to you shortly. It would be ideal if you could help with a few simple things so I could respond to your message as swiftly & completely as possible:

  • Outline your project in as much detail as possible
  • Let me know where you’re based (Country, City, Timezone etc)
  • Budget (If you have one)


 Thanks a lot. I’m sure we’ll make a great team!
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I’m more than happy to help and it’s great to meet you! If you have a question about one of my YouTube videos, the best way to get your answer is to post a comment on my video, message me via YouTube or Tweet me at @LAWRENCEcanDRAW – that way everyone benefits from your question and you might also get great answers from the community!

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I’m more than happy to consider interviews and appearances as well as speaking to artists & groups. I’m more than happy to test new tech’ and offer feedback and write articles too. I’m based in the UK but can be available via Skype or G+ Hangouts and even come hang out out with you in real life! Just say the word ;D