Here's a Space Marine and there's a Space Marine and there's a Space Mar... errrr. He's not looking so hot chief, I think we'd better break out the Covid swobs just to be sure!
Okay, so I just felt like drawing a few Space Marines to prove I could. Even John Blanche who is hailed as the God of Art for everything that is Warhammer said that Space Marines are one of the hardest things to draw. I totally get that. We are used to training as artists to draw human anatomy and then suddenly we have to throw it up to over 8ft and slap Power Armour on it and make it look great in action?!?! That is tough. No wonder most people's first attempts look like they've been made out of the same balloons that clowns use to make you a dog at your birthday party. That's why proving you can draw such challenges is a must.
Here I wanted to draw a Primaris Space Marine who's design is already standardised but to do him in a great dynamic pose. I also did the side view doodle. Not having the room to do the entire turnaround which would have been great, but I wanted to show that I had given thought to that part of the process.
Secondly I wanted to create a concept piece for a new type of Marine proving my skills at concept working while maintaining the core aesthetics.
Thirdly, I wanted to show a Chaos Marine as well because... well, my heart has always belonged to Nurgle.