Tasked with the main character design of COG in the game Mechinus from Huey Games, I developed a complex character with a visual personality and range to expand beyond the parameters of his role. You can see in these few concept sketches the many variations of the initial COG design. 
The game called for a steampunk feel and the main character of COG had a very pure direction in terms of requirements however I tried to offer the team as many options as possible so we could give the hero a real emotive personality - especially challenging when you only have the head to work with? Maybe but there is so much scope with steampunk!
Development concept art for the world platforms in Mechinus. This sketch was one of the important ones on the project because it helped show the atmosphere that I really wanted to project into the game.
Here you can see work-in-progress render shots of COG in Mechinus from Huey Games. I love the fact that my vision for COG managed to stay so  close to the original character.