When you draw fantasy for a living you will always find yourself drawing a dragon or two. I think this might actually be my first undead dragon since the age of ten and that makes me a bit sad. Drawing plates of armour on a dragon is a lot like drawing a skeleton though and it's lots of fun to do. When I was a kid, one of my favourite things to draw was skeletons thanks to that famous fight scene from Jason and the Argonauts.
Sketching out a large wargaming miniature, I have of course taken into consideration the need for two of the dragons apposing feet to be on the base for stability. The tail is also looped so that will not break easily and may even gain support from flames on the base if needed. I've a good eye for weight & balance so I can tell that this model is well centred. The wings can be altered if anyone is unhappy the players might consider their angle awkward for travel.
In hindsight I would have stacked the base elements of skulls and ruins higher to add further gravitas - perhaps even at a steeper angle. I wanted to focus on the model itself on this first pass of course. I'm always trying to think about how I can improve my work.
BTW. I also played with the idea of calling this a Dragheist but thought that might be a bit too weird. What do you think? Is Wraith Wyvern better?
In the above close-up you can see the mystic flame of the amethyst magic left as the Wyvern has crossed into our realm. You might also be able to spot a fallen foe.
I didn't want to create a fire breathing dragon because of all the flames on the base and the dragon itself. So, the melting flesh and vitriol of the large beast would do nicely. Note that because this is the design for a miniature, I have made sure that it can support itself as a physical structure. 
You can see the scales falling away from the skin. However, the scales that look to be in mid-air are actually placed strategically on the leg bone and ribs to create that illusion.