I have great relationships with my clients so naturally most of my work comes through word-of-mouth. I’m a true believer that a strong personal bond is the key to crafting a great creative piece work.
Here are some of the kind words my clients have been good enough to write about me. Hopefully you’ll be on here too very soon.
If you want to read my CV then I suggest contacting me directly and I'll be happy to email you a copy.
I've included a good amount for you to peruse here but please check out my LinkedIn page if you'd like to see more. I've also added some of the great comments from my YouTube videos at the end of this page proving that my advice has helped other creatives!
Working for graphic tablet company Wacom, I had the privilege to work on projects with Lawrence. As a graphic artist, we loved his creativity and professional pragmatism. As an influencer, we appreciated his fairness when doing reviews and his consequence in creating content meant to help his fellow artists. And as a person, I love his positive attitude and his humour. We did nice things together, pal. I enjoyed that a lot!
Anyone in need to learn about technology in the design area, get in touch with Lawrence. He literally has tested them all - at least as far as I know. Just check on his YouTube account and you'll see the range of his expertise not only in his art but also in his technical understanding and expertise. I most definitely can say, that he did scrutinize our Wacom devices the fullest - always coming back with fair and profound reviews and - also not publicly - some more detailed aspects that were quite valuable for the guys in product development at Wacom. Was always fun and helpful to work with Lawrence!
Jens Kellersmann - Senior Director Global Product PR & Social Media, Wacom
Lawrence has been an absolute champ to work with in the years I’ve known him — he is incredibly talented as an artist, passionate about the industry and uses these 2 to deftly craft his voice and influence as a content creator. His engaged follower base and conversations with fellow creatives are a great testament to that.

At events he is professional and delivers on the brief; open to new experiences and lots of fun to be with. Could not recommend him highly enough.
Yuszela Yusoff​​​​​​​ - Lenovo
Lawrence is a very skilled illustrator and great brand ambassador. His ability to combine educational pieces with overall commercial content that inspires others has allowed us to work on several great activities for our clients. He goes the extra mile in projects by providing good insights and suggestions that benefit all parties involved.
Bernd Peeters - 360 Service Agency
I worked with Lawrence when I was a Communications Director at Ergotron, a display mount manufacturer in the US. Lawrence’s influence in the global illustration market came to our awareness through his ergonomics championing via social media. It was natural to establish a relationship, since Lawrence is probably one of the most giving social influencers I’ve met over the years., and we both advocated healthy computing. Through his YouTube channel, advice to new comers, and manufacturer analysis (both display and mounts), I learned a lot more about the global market, was able to provide critical feedback to product teams, and was invited into necessary social conversations in a collaborative and engaging way. Lawrence is skillful at connecting people, reading the pulse on the market, spotting trends (or creating them) and is a fierce advocate for user safety, influencing key manufacturers in new launches; and steering users to avoid potentially disastrous hacks, as well as to adopt good, healthy ergonomic positioning to ensure user health. Lawrence brings the full force of his creative talent to whatever he does as is evidenced by his work and creative promotion of it. He is unfailingly honest, which is fabulous, collaborative and kind. He can be a key asset to marketing and product teams, and has a ton ideas. I would gladly work with him again as opportunity arises.
Michelle Judd - Ergotron
record time, as it was a last minute request, and I would highly recommend his services to others!
M.M.Wedin - Levereth Publishing
Lawrence is definitely one of the most talented artists I've worked with. Not only can he created some of the most amazing digital artwork I've seen, but he's also easy to work with. As an author, finding a great artist who can help illustrate the strengths of my story with a strong book cover is important. Lawrence exceeded my every expectation.
Brandon Varnell - Kitsune Incorporated
Lawrence has done three book covers for me so far. Every one has been superb; he exceeds expectations every time. No one that I've seen has his eye for detail, and the covers stand out. That's a crucial requirement, and Lawrence delivers, every single time. The feedback I get on my covers is uniformly excellent, and I'm sure they play a large role in the books' popularity. I couldn't recommend Lawrence any more highly. If you need a cover that marks you as a professional, and that will get your books noticed, he's your Mann.
Keith Ward - Wardwords Publishing
Art is marketing. Plain and simple. Compelling art draws the buyer in and sets the mood. Lawrence's artwork graces my most popular title and generates much enthusiasm. The depth and detail of his work lend themselves well to printed work and yet remain appealing when scaled down. The creation process included a series of sketches that allowed for feedback along the way. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Lawrence again.
Brian Rathbone - White Wolf Press, LLC
In over 20 years of helping clients I’ve had a lot great experiences and happy memories. I have made many good friends along the way. You're welcome to take a look through my portfolio, read more about my background and what makes me unique as a Digital Artist and get in touch if you'd like to hire me right away.
Christmas Thank You from the Sketchable Team
Christmas Thank You from the Sketchable Team
Thank You card from Ergotron (came with branded socks!)
Thank You card from Ergotron (came with branded socks!)
Thank You Card from Lenovo (with goodies!)
Thank You Card from Lenovo (with goodies!)
I employed Lawrence to illustrate the cover of my Young Adult science fiction novel Bounty Hunter. He was a pleasure to work with, a true professional with an exceptional talent. He created a beautiful piece of artwork that even a year later, I get goosebumps every time I look at it. I hope very much that he will do all the covers in the Bounty Hunter series.
S.J.Hollis - Uninvited Black Cat Publishing
I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Lawrence, and produce his content for Digital-Tutors. Lawrence is an extremely talented artist who also has a passion for teaching others his specific tips and techniques he has learned in the industry. He is extremely open to feedback and is always readily available to resolve any issues that come up. I would happily recommend Lawrence and am so grateful that he is apart of the Digital-Tutors team.
Cheyenne Stansberry - pluralsight.com
Some creatives are creative but not commercial. Lawrence is different. Maybe it's his advertising background, but Lawrence is always thinking about how the end-consumer will react to his output, and that's ideal - business is ultimately about those consumers and it's great (and unusual) to work with someone who has tremendous creative ability but also a commercial instinct. Highly recommend giving him a go if you haven't already.
Keith Charters - Strident Publishing
Lawrence was a pleasure to work with. Not only did he produce stunning concept art for our project, his creative exploration of our brief also opened up fantastic new ideas for the game.
Rob Hewson - Huey Games
Lawrence can take your rudimentary idea and turn it into something truly spectacular. His ability to draw life onto the page is uncanny. My book cover from Lawrence, hands down gets the most attention of all seven of my books. A pleasure to work with and extremely knowledgeable on what works and what doesn't.
Julie Anne Grasso - JulieAnneGrasso Books
Heard enough?
Contact me and I'll point you in the direction of a happy customer for a one-on-one chat if that's reassurance you truly need. That's how confident I am of my work and professionalism. But if, you trust your instincts from a good old fashioned video chat then contact me now and we'll arrange that call - via Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Skype etc. Truth is that most of my clients sign up on the first call because we hit it off then & there. Plus we get straight into the work and arrange prices and finer details of the commission that allow me to start work straight away.
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As well as my client testimonials, I thought I’d add a few of the fabulous things said by the creative community on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Social media is a big part of what I do so of course it’s only fair.
The power of social media is truly awesome and using it as a marketing tool can be overwhelmingly powerful. It probably does help that I have a background in Advertising & Marketing as you can see on my LinkedIn page. YouTube videos are a great way to help the creative community and my fellow artists and it certainly is nice to hear when it pays off!