If you're like me and you love the 'OldHammer' days of 40k that were Rogue Trader then you will remember the Space Marine Scouts of that time period. There were many different designs, all with a punk aesthetic but the Scouts were defined largely by the plastic version that came with the Space Hulk game. The Design of those scouts captured the best elements of all previous rough n' ready incarnations and made them slightly more unified for the Empire. But that was back in the 80's of course. Now, forty years on, I'd like to look at this classic design and see how it can be altered and updated for the new 41st millennium. 

Scouts have remained a part of the Space Marine army ever since the classic Space Hulk design but have only ever had two redesigns in that time period. I've taken some of those design elements and used them in my concept board here. For the most part I have attempted to keep the elements of the original Scouts - finding references from Space Hulk, other Rogue Trader Scout Miniatures, Games Workshop archive materials etc. I have also thrown in a few other ideas based on my knowledge of the worlds in general.
Above you'll see a couple of options that are not currently available for Scouts and never have been. But why shouldn't Scouts get shields given their light armour and need to often be on the front lines? Or an all terrain Servo Skull with snipper rifle, Bolter and long range comm's system? I see this being able to go deep under water or into a low-orbit if required. It basically is a Scout itself. 
The above close-up shows off the base element of fire for the flamer. I love creating these small base elements. I think they'd be great as separate parts or as part of the mini' to help it attach to the base. Either way, convertors, painters, players and collectors will be able to appreciate elements such as this. 
A good dynamic pose sells a miniature 100 times over. Gone are the days of having to pose a mini' in a certain way just so you can get the thing out of the casting block. haha! This side view of the jumping/shooting Scout is my favourite on the sheet - Although he'd need a couple of 2p's under the base to keep him from tipping over. I could easily fix that issue though ;) That's the great thing about sketching!!