A series of sketches created in Sketchable to demo the app. These illustrations were created while beta testing the Windows app on the Surface Book. In the past I’ve created fantasy & sci-fi artwork in Sketchable but this time we decided to create more generic imagery in a more ‘sketch’ like style to show off the app’s effortless abilities. Enjoy.
Some of these images are provided in the Sketchable app as layers so users can colour them in.
Here is a screenshot of Sketchable in use as I created one of the key illustrations. I also did many of these during tutorial video recordings for Sketchable.
Here are a few of the previous illustrations that I've done over the years in Sketchable as an Official Sketchable Artisan ...I title I actually helped name by the way. Oh, and if you'd like a little more trivia of Sketchable, I created the brand logo too ;) You see, it is important for me to really get involved with the companies I support.