For over 20 years I’ve been an artist and Illustrator. I paint mostly fantasy & science fiction. Why? Because, to me, it’s the most conceptually artistic challenge (and it’s great fun). I lean more towards character pieces and I always aim to tell a story in every piece. Something that will pull the viewer into my detailed work to invite them into the world I’ve created. You can always find a few ‘Easter eggs’ hidden in my paintings if you look out for them.

During my career I’ve explored paths that have helped develop my passion for the wider creative landscape. I became an Art Director in the advertising industry for a time, developing a deeper understanding of an audiences needs & the power of art as a marketing tool. A couple of years ago, I dedicated a part of my efforts to my YouTube channel and my affinity for both art and the technology we creatives use to bring our visions to life. Much like my time in advertising, YouTube has given me awesome insight into producing better performing art for my clients and finding faster ways to work.

As our technological world advances, so does my fondness for the science that could further the artistic process for us all. I now strive to work side-by-side with software & hardware companies to help develop these technologies so that artists can make better art. Beta-testing, giving feedback directly to companies and even helping with design & marketing is a great way to be involved and work with the best in the business. At the end of it all, my extra efforts make me a better, more focused, artist. I’ve developed more since and at a faster pace over the years I’ve worked as a tester, as a consultant and a YouTuber. I hope that you’ll spend some time exploring this site to get to know me, Lawrence Mann (AKA LAWRNCEcanDRAW), as well as simply looking at my portfolio of Digital Art & Illustrations. I understand that a picture is worth 1,000 words but I promise you I’m more than just an artist. If you’re looking for a picture that sells – you’ve come to the right place. Lawrence.

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